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metadata-support - Re: [Metadata-Support] Did something happen Friday, Sept 15 3-5pm?

Subject: InCommon metadata support

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Re: [Metadata-Support] Did something happen Friday, Sept 15 3-5pm?

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  • From: "Hall, Gerry" <>
  • To: "" <>
  • Subject: Re: [Metadata-Support] Did something happen Friday, Sept 15 3-5pm?
  • Date: Thu, 21 Sep 2017 16:12:00 +0000
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I experienced the same issue with several SP’s for which the source of
metadata is the InCommon aggregate file from about 3:28 PM until about 7:18
PM on this past Friday 15 September. Unfortunately, I was not made aware of
the issue until the next day Saturday by which the issue was resolved. I nor
anyone on my team made any changes nor did we take any corrective action.
Also, as the initial email indicates, the issue only affected SP’s for which
we rely on the InCommon aggregate file for as a source of metadata.

The IdP logs had erros like the following:|2017-09-15 03:27:27,382 - ERROR
[org.opensaml.saml.metadata.resolver.impl.HTTPMetadataResolver:313] -
Metadata Resolver FileBackedHTTPMetadataResolver InCommonMD: Error retrieving
metadata from
org.apache.http.conn.HttpHostConnectException: Connect to
[] failed: Connection refused|2017-09-15 03:27:27,382 - WARN
- Metadata Resolver FileBackedHTTPMetadataResolver InCommonMD: Problem
reading metadata from remote source; detected existing cached metadata,
skipping load of backup file

On 9/21/17, 11:47 AM,
on behalf of Cantor, Scott"
on behalf of

On 9/21/17, 8:42 AM,
on behalf of

on behalf of

> I ended up downloading a new InCommon metadata file and restarting our
> (since just restarting didn't change anything.) That was around 5pm and
> appeared to fix it. I was just wondering if I had actually fixed it,
or it
> was just a coincidence that it started working again.

As a matter of simple functional explanation, you cannot correct a
problem that may exist in your IdP's metadata by changing the metadata your
idP uses. Your IdP doesn't consume its own metadata.

If the problem was in an SP's metadata, then obviously reloading it and
changing the metadata the IdP uses is a very different matter.

What seems more likely is that your system broke in some way and
restarting it corrected that.

-- Scott


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