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metadata-support - Re: [Metadata-Support] Re: conflicting metadata requirements from InCommon

Subject: InCommon metadata support

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Re: [Metadata-Support] Re: conflicting metadata requirements from InCommon

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  • From: Scott Koranda <>
  • To:
  • Subject: Re: [Metadata-Support] Re: conflicting metadata requirements from InCommon
  • Date: Tue, 27 Mar 2018 09:51:06 -0500
  • Ironport-phdr: 9a23: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


> Huh, well 500 of the 3519 Logos I see in the aggregate are embedded.
> I rather like the option to not have to download the logo every time
> one of my users logs in.
> Anyone know if that was a willful choice to remove the upload option
> or did it just get forgotten during some code update? Was there some
> other process to get metadata to the federation in the past that had
> an embedded image option?

The InCommon team, probably Nick Roy, can speak to the capabilities of
the federation manager past and present.

I suspect that most if not all of the embedded logos you currently see
are those coming into the InCommon metadata aggregate through eduGAIN.
Using embedded images is more popular in other federations.

I understand why the embedded logos are attractive but at this time I
would prefer they are not used. The InCommon metadata aggregate is
already quite large and adding embedded logos will only make the problem

Once InCommon supports the MDQ protocol in production I think embedding
the logos is an elegant solution, but until that time I would like to
keep the aggregate from growing at an even faster rate and prefer that
entities use https:// URLs instead.


Scott K

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