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metadata-support - Re: [Metadata-Support] MDQ format options?

Subject: InCommon metadata support

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Re: [Metadata-Support] MDQ format options?

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  • From: Tom Scavo <>
  • To: "" <>
  • Subject: Re: [Metadata-Support] MDQ format options?
  • Date: Tue, 6 Dec 2016 16:43:56 -0500
  • Ironport-phdr: 9a23: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

On Tue, Dec 6, 2016 at 4:26 PM, Tom Poage
> I’ve been trying to find ways to get unknowledgeable (and
> non-participating) vendors to obtain a trusted/verifiable copy of our IdP
> metadata.

That would be a wonderful Xmas present ;-)

> Many vendors, albeit understandably, refuse to download the InCommon
> aggregate. Even if they do, understanding the content and parsing out our
> IdP metadata, often by hand (ugh), and without even broaching the extra
> consideration of signature verification, seems an insurmountable task for
> the typical kind of support person on that end assigned to the task.

Yes, you've hit the nail right on the head, Tom. This is why IdP
deployers will immediately gain benefit from an MDQ server even if
they don't reconfigure their IdPs. As you've noted, there's great
value in having a permanently addressable URI for a single IdP entity

> I’ve resisted self-publishing our IdP metadata (with or without local
> signature, to varying degrees of success), so the MDQ server seemed a good
> bet. Now to get them to take that small but oh so important step of
> verifying what they download!

The consultation of the Final Report from the Per-Entity Metadata WG
[1] ended yesterday, otherwise I'd ask you to weigh in on the
following issue:

Should the MDQ server serve entities over TLS? Most people say yes but
then that raises a more interesting question: Should the TLS
certificate be self-signed OR signed by a commercial CA OR signed by
an internal CA created specifically for that purpose?




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