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metadata-support - [Metadata-Support] Oddities with the interface for Delegated Admins

Subject: InCommon metadata support

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[Metadata-Support] Oddities with the interface for Delegated Admins

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  • From: Rob Moser <>
  • To: <>
  • Subject: [Metadata-Support] Oddities with the interface for Delegated Admins
  • Date: Tue, 1 Aug 2017 14:13:50 -0700
  • Ironport-phdr: 9a23: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Hello All,

I'm not sure if any of this would count as a bug, or if I'm just fundamentally misunderstanding the interface (I am a new Delegated Admin).

As a Delegated Admin, I logged in to the Federation Manager and edited the metadata for one of the SP entities over which I have delegated authority. I cut-and-pasted some of values into the edit form, and I believe the value for the Location URL of the Discovery Response must have ended up with a trailing space on the end. I hit "Submit Changes" and it took me to a page that I _think_ is supposed to indicate that the changes are awaiting approval (though that's a bit unclear.)

One of our site admins then logged in to approve my change, but when she submitted, it returned an error message saying:

Entities is invalid
location attributes must be http or https urls

And would not accept the update. Eventually I discovered the trailing space in the produced metadata, and convinced the interface to remove it (I appeared to have to make non-whitespace changes first, submit, then change it back to the original value but without the whitespace in order to get it to recognize the change. But I am not 100% certain of this.)


1) If there is something structurally wrong with my submissions as a Delegated Admin, shouldn't it tell _me_ that, when I submit it for approval?

2) If trailing whitespace is not allowed, perhaps the interface should strip it?

3) If it isn't going to be stripped, and whitespace is relevant, I would think the interface should allow me to make whitespace-only changes. (Though again, I may have just misinterpreted the results when I tried this.)

Or am I just misunderstanding the intended roles of the Delegated and Site Admins?

Thanks for any advice,

- rob.

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