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metadata-support - Re: [Metadata-Support] attribute scope in IDP metadata

Subject: InCommon metadata support

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Re: [Metadata-Support] attribute scope in IDP metadata

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  • From: Tom Scavo <>
  • To:
  • Subject: Re: [Metadata-Support] attribute scope in IDP metadata
  • Date: Tue, 18 Feb 2014 00:00:40 -0500

On Mon, Feb 17, 2014 at 3:57 PM, Cantor, Scott
> This is probably more of a -participants discussion, but I'll leave it to
> Tom to decide whether to move it...

Well, there really is no mailing list intended for this sort of
discussion so we may just as well keep it here.

Andy, FWIW, I agree with everything Scott says. Note the distinction
being made between reassignment and persistence. Of the two,
reassignment is more important. If you need to change an ePPN, fine,
but avoid reassigning one at all costs.

The problem of ePPNs and email addresses not matching is generally
less of a concern (I think) but usually they fail to match in
predictable ways so it's not so bad. I'm not sure what to tell about
your mismatch problem, but obviously you want to fix it if you can.

The most important piece of advice I can give is what Scott already
said: do not reassign ePPNs (which is not the same as changing ePPNs).


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