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interfed - [inc-interfed] pilot aggregate, current list of processing applied to IC metadata

Subject: Interfederation

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[inc-interfed] pilot aggregate, current list of processing applied to IC metadata

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  • From: Steven Carmody <>
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  • Subject: [inc-interfed] pilot aggregate, current list of processing applied to IC metadata
  • Date: Tue, 26 Feb 2013 11:11:17 -0500
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As promised, here's the current processing pipeline that is applied to the InCommon metadata file by the PILOT aggregator instance currently running on one of my test machines.

Note that Ian's toolkit contains lots of ways to slice and dice and check files and entities that are being imported; as a starter, I just used one of his "standard" tools without thinking much at all about "what checking should REALLY be done".

Consequently, while this note describes what is being done today, the real reason for sending this note is to trigger a discussion about what we think SHOULD be done.

And, as Tom noted elsewhere, this pilot instance isn't currently signing the file that it produces. IMHO signing this particular file currently has no meaning.


<ref bean="check_validUntil"/> -- Check that an aggregate has a validUntil instant specified, and that it has not yet expired. Does not put an upper bound on validUntil intervals.

<ref bean="us_incommon_checkSignature"/> -- Check InCommon signing signature.

<ref bean="errorTerminatingFilter"/> -- A pipeline stage that checks for any errors, and then announces and filters any encountered.

<ref bean="disassemble"/> - disassembles an aggregate into a set of indvidual entities

<ref bean="us_incommon_check_regauth"/> -- Any registrationAuthority already present on an entity in this channel must match the known registration authority value.

<ref bean="standardImportActions"/> -- Standard actions performed on any metadata import channel. Assumes that the collection has been acquired, had its signature validated, and disassembled into individual entities.

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