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InCommon Mailing List Service

Managing owners and moderators

In the 'Owners' and 'Moderators' areas, you can add owners and moderators to the list or change their personal information:

  • For each owner/moderator, you have to indicate an email address and a name.
  • You can also add the information of your choice in the 'Private information' input box (phone number, function, etc.); this information will only be accessible by listmasters and list owners with a 'Privileged' profile.
  • You can change the message delivery mode (the only options available on this page are 'mail' and 'nomail').
  • The 'Profile' parameter can not be changed: the 'Privileged' profile is reserved to the list creator (other owners have a 'Normal' profile).

Be careful: becoming owner or moderator of a list does not mean that you are automatically subscribed to that list. Thus owners and moderators have to subscribe themselves to the list.

To delete owners/moderators, check the checkbox relating to the person you want to delete and click on the 'Apply modifications' button.

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