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InCommon Mailing List Service

Renaming the list

In the list administration module, click on 'Rename list'. Enter the name of your choice and click on the 'Rename this list' button. A confirmation message displays; click on 'OK'.

If you change your mind, you will only have to redo the inverse operation in order to retrieve the former list name.

Be careful: when you rename a list, you have to let the listmasters know; otherwise, the change will not be effective.

A few tips to name your lists:

  • Do not use any spaces, accents or specials characters in list names: those characters might cause problems.
  • Choose an explicit yet short name: think of the subscribers who will have to type this name every time they will send a message to the list!
  • If you manage a set of lists, you can prefix your lists' names with a common prefix; thus they will be sorted together and will be easily recognizable (example:,, etc.).
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