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trust-identity-reg - [trust-identity-reg] TechEx Tuesday in Trust and Identity

Subject: Trust and Identity Meeting Registrants

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[trust-identity-reg] TechEx Tuesday in Trust and Identity

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  • From: Dean Woodbeck <>
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  • Subject: [trust-identity-reg] TechEx Tuesday in Trust and Identity
  • Date: Mon, 15 Oct 2018 22:39:26 +0000
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TechEx starts in earnest Tuesday morning! Be sure to get your breakfast early (it opens at 7 am in Oceana 6-7 (that's W-A-Y down the hall from the registration desk) and make your way to the opening session at 8 am, "Trust & Identity Plenary: What have we accomplished, what is important, and what is urgent?"


You'll hear from a variety of speakers: Introductory remarks from Howard Pfeffer, CEO of Internet2, and Kevin Morooney, vice president for trust and identity and NET+. Then three community speakers will discuss three perspectives: Jack Seuss, CIO at UMBC, Hannah Short from CERN, and Jacob Farmer from Indiana University. It is in Pacifica 2/3.


Then it is track sessions, track sessions, track sessions — two tracks all day long - all in either Pacifica 2/3 or Pacifica 4/5. 


We have four extended sessions this year (110 minutes each!), including the Tuesday Two-fer. The first is "My Year With TIER," which provides adoption stories for the TIER IAM software suite (10:20 am). Between Tuesday and Wednesday's companion session you'll hear from 10 campuses that worked in the Campus Success Program to adopt one or more of the software components. 


For working lunches, grab your food and visit one of these:

 - the Attributes for Collaboration and Federation will discuss its final report

 - Grouper BoF (birds of a feather)

 - OIDC Plugin for Shibboleth


The extended Tuesday Two-fer is "Why Should Enterprise Operators Care about Federation and Research," (1:40 pm) featuring a panel of experts covering the IdP and the research worlds. IdP operators have much to worry about - why should this be a priority?


At the end of the day, make the walk (but don't blow out your flip flops) or water taxi ride to the City Walk and Margaritaville for the evening reception.


Finally, let's hear it for stickers! What? Hopefully your badge has one or more showing your organization's support for SIRTFI, R&S, and Baseline Expectations. It's part of becoming collaboration-ready.




Dean Woodbeck

Education and Outreach Lead, InCommon


(906) 523-9620

  • [trust-identity-reg] TechEx Tuesday in Trust and Identity, Dean Woodbeck, 10/15/2018

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