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trust-identity-reg - [trust-identity-reg] Monday in Trust and Identity at the Technology Exchange

Subject: Trust and Identity Meeting Registrants

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[trust-identity-reg] Monday in Trust and Identity at the Technology Exchange

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  • From: Dean Woodbeck <>
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  • Subject: [trust-identity-reg] Monday in Trust and Identity at the Technology Exchange
  • Date: Mon, 16 Oct 2017 02:35:40 +0000
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Greetings Identerati:


First, let me clarify my note from last night. We have more than 200 *trust and identity* registrants this year. Total TechEx registration is 745. Also, I encourage you to download the mobile app as the best way to navigate the program.


Monday is action-packed, including the most important meal of the day served starting at 7 am in the Atrium (lobby level). If you are new to TechEx, look for the tables set aside with trust/identity hosts to help orient you to the doings. But don’t dawdle, because the opening session is at 8 am.


The opening Trust and Identity session is in Bayview B - one level down from the Atrium. That level is not served by elevators, so use the escalator near the hotel check-in desk, or the stairs on the opposite end of the Atrium. The session will focus on the future of trust and identity from a variety of perspectives. Then, if you so desire, there is an opportunity for you to provide feedback at lunch (see the program for details).


The balance of the day features two concurrent trust/identity tracks. Then, at 4 pm, is The Exchange, a conference-wide session, followed by a performance demonstration by SF JAZZ, followed by the welcome reception (6:30-8 pm).


Demos from TIER will take place during refreshment breaks and lunch. These include provisioning workflows — see the times and details here:


We're glad you've joined us in San Francisco for what we hope proves to be an invigorating few days.




Dean Woodbeck

Education and Outreach Lead, InCommon



  • [trust-identity-reg] Monday in Trust and Identity at the Technology Exchange, Dean Woodbeck, 10/16/2017

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