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participants-research - CILogon: September 2016 update

Subject: InC Research Participants

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CILogon: September 2016 update

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  • From: "Basney, Jim" <>
  • To: InCommon Research Participants Working Group <>
  • Subject: CILogon: September 2016 update
  • Date: Mon, 3 Oct 2016 22:10:00 +0000
  • Accept-language: en-US
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In September 2016, researchers from 156 IdPs logged on to CILogon (an R&S SP)
to access Globus, OOI, XSEDE, and other cyberinfrastructure. The full IdP
list is published at <>. Thanks to international
adoption of REFEDS R&S and Sirtfi, the list includes,, and in addition to InCommon IdPs!

6 IdPs now support both REFEDS R&S and Sirtfi:

Researchers from the following IdPs had access problems last month due to
attributes missing from the R&S bundle:

Additionally, researchers from the following international IdPs had access
problems because their IdPs do not yet support REFEDS R&S and Sirtfi:

Many thanks to the IdP operators who have enabled federated access to CILogon
by supporting scalable attribute release, REFEDS R&S, and Sirtfi!


P.S. Please visit <> for details on
enabling access to CILogon from your IdP.

  • CILogon: September 2016 update, Basney, Jim, 10/03/2016

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