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mfa-interop - [MFA-Interop] Fwd: Fwd: [REFEDS assurance] MFA consultation: actions

Subject: MFA Interop Working Group

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[MFA-Interop] Fwd: Fwd: [REFEDS assurance] MFA consultation: actions

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  • From: David Walker <>
  • To: MFA Interoperability Profile Working Group <>
  • Subject: [MFA-Interop] Fwd: Fwd: [REFEDS assurance] MFA consultation: actions
  • Date: Fri, 31 Mar 2017 14:30:17 -0700
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FYI, there been some progress within REFEDS for our MFA profile.


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Subject: Fwd: [REFEDS assurance] MFA consultation: actions
Date: Fri, 31 Mar 2017 13:58:34 -0600
From: Nick Roy
To: David Walker

This may need to get forwarded to the AAC and the MFA profile list...

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Subject: [REFEDS assurance] MFA consultation: actions
Date: Fri, 31 Mar 2017 18:17:22 +0100

Dear All

The MFA consultation is now closed and I would like to ask this group to help with resolving the issues raised in the consultation.  The comments can be found at:   I think the following issues need resolving and appreciate any feedback you might have.  If these prove contentious, I will try and set up a VC to discuss in more detail.

1. ""listed in order of preference".  Should this be removed as a requirement?  This may be superceded by 2).

2. Should section 5 be removed in its entirety?  We do normally provide some sort of high-level implementation guidance in profiles (see for example R&S) but is the detail in section 5 required or more advisory? How would the profile be impacted if this was moved to supporting documentation?

7. Questions around relation to LOA and the use of ITU.  Do we need to simply call out more explicitly that the profile does not address assurance and are we happy with ITU as a reference?

The other issues such as developing supporting materials and clarifying references I can deal with as part of the standard write up and development of the profile.

Any thoughts you have very gratefully received!

Best wishes



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  • [MFA-Interop] Fwd: Fwd: [REFEDS assurance] MFA consultation: actions, David Walker, 03/31/2017

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