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interfed - [inc-interfed] call notes & agenda for next call

Subject: Interfederation

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[inc-interfed] call notes & agenda for next call

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  • From: Jim Basney <>
  • To: <>
  • Subject: [inc-interfed] call notes & agenda for next call
  • Date: Thu, 31 Jan 2013 10:26:56 -0600
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Below are my notes from our Tuesday call. Feel free to reply with
corrections or additional details.

For next Tuesday's call I propose we identify specific next steps (pilot
projects, info gathering) and volunteers. For example:

* federate LIGO and UK IdPs/SPs
* evaluate the recently revised eduGAIN declaration
to determine if it's something InCommon could agree to
* follow-up on outcomes of the Quilt/InCommon workshop

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permissions. If you don't already have a account,
please see
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ScottK LIGO international science
ScottC - observing for technical inputs to Shibboleth
InCommon Technical Advisory Committee interest
concern about slipperly slope - efforts to scale security throw
out trust infrastructure - security/trust hard to scale
Ian Young - UK federation, working with eduGAIN policies for UK fed
lead dev of Shibboleth metadata aggregator project
Denny Depp ORNL - users of ORNL facilities from across the world
prefer not to maintain credentials for them
Michael Gettes - CMU
back in 2000 knew it should be all about interfederation
interested in dynamic federation
CMU putting all registrations into InCommon federation, rather
than local federation
Tom Scavo - InCommon/Internet2
observing - interested in topic
Mike Layahe - Internet2 -
collaboration tools to fed with a global community
SocialSAML gateways
Mary Dunker - VTech - want to stay in the loop
k-12 interest - VT summer camps - someone going to quilt workshop
Brett Bieber - UNL - interfed among UNL system
regrets: Mark Scheible, Steve Carmody
Mark contributed K-12 use case text.
next steps:
pilot projects
demo existing capabilities of dynamic lookup of metadata
Scott will write-up metadata distribution issues
join multiple federations versus local federation that routes
1) how does InCommon scale metadata for interfed?
review: eduGAIN, PEER, eduroam, ...
eduroam isn't a federation? made pre-shared keys work.
doesn't enable general-purpose applications.
Moonshot - Josh - pushing to generalize...
is federation hierarchical?
how does federation definition change with dynamic metadata?
how do you get the federation info? how do you trust it?
as you scale, do you lose trust? no magic bullet.
technical trust and behavioral trust
signature over metadata -> believe in veracity in information
connection to business partner
Feb 7-8 Quilt/InCommon workshop:

  • [inc-interfed] call notes & agenda for next call, Jim Basney, 01/31/2013

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